AMTNJ 2017 Scholarship Winner

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AMTNJ Scholarship Awardee for 2017

Joan J. Vas, Past-President and Executive Coordinator Scholarship Program

For the 2016-2017 school year, AMTNJ awarded one student a $ 5,000 scholarship. This student is Ann Brunn, Immaculata High School, Somerville, NJ, sponsored by Elaine Petsu, Mathematics Department Chairperson for Immaculata High School.

Ann Brunn will be attending The College of New Jersey in the fall. Ann wrote in her essay that “Growing up in a family with four educators, I have always been surrounded by people who constantly encourage me to do my best. Naturally, the decision to go in the direction of a teaching career was an
easy decision for me. Since grade school, I have always wanted to be in the front of the classroom using my abilities to better a student’s knowledge. Numbers have often intrigued me and I enjoy learning new material even if it appears to be difficult at first; this is one of the many reasons I would like to pursue a teaching career in mathematics. Understanding certain math topics did not always come easy to me. In elementary school and middle school I had to work harder than most students to be able to fully grasp the meaning of each lesson. I enjoyed this challenge because it not only strengthened my mind mentally, it also allowed me to gain the confidence that I could work through any problem by just taking my time and thinking through the problem.”

Ann also mentioned that her strongest personality trait was leadership. She says, “Growing up with a high school principal, my Dad has instilled in me the phrase, “Whatever you do in life, Ann, make sure you always do it with confidence.” My ability to talk clearly with a firm, but controlled voice, also plays a role in my leadership. I like to be able to have control and the respect needed in order to complete tasks successfully. My diligent work ethic and captivating personality may allow me to
become an effective teacher along with my excitement to always learning something new and never giving up when things start to become challenging and difficult.”

This year Ann was asked to tutor her fellow classmates in Discrete Math and Intro to Statistics. She found she was comfortable tutoring her peers and felt that this experience allowed her to prepare herself for what is to come in the future.

Congratulations to our awardee! Special thanks to the Scholarship Committee consisting of AMTNJ President Makoto Yoshida, AMTNJ President Elect Tom Walsh and Joan Vas, Executive Coordinator of the AMTNJ Scholarship Coordinator. It should be noted that this is the 21st year that AMTNJ has awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors interested in a career in mathematics education. To date, 56 candidates have received this initial scholarship. Once the initial award has been made, these awardees are contacted for the next three years and given the chance to apply for a renewal scholarship. The amount of the renewal scholarship is dependent upon available funds at that time. Thank you to the AMTNJ Executive Board and the AMTNJ membership for their continued support of this program. Special thanks to President Makoto Yoshida for his generous support of the program.

Above, her family and AMTNJ officers flank Ann. Photo courtesy of President Makoto Yoshida.