NJEA Teachers Convention Call for Proposals

Please see the information below. Please e-mail Nadine Williams (pos59@aol.com) once you put in the proposal.


The Professional Development and Instructional Issues (PDII) division of NJEA is now accepting presenter proposals for the 2020 NJEA Convention to be held Nov. 5-6, 2020. All proposals to present at the NJEA Convention and at Digital Boulevard must be submitted electronically.

The deadline for submission is March 31, 2020. Here is the link:


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your request for audiovisual equipment must accompany your proposal submission. NJEA may not be able to provide equipment requested at a later date.
  • NJEA DOES NOT provide computers.
  • NJEA does not reproduce any program materials and will not reimburse you for reproductions costs.
  • If you are a member, please have your PIN and password ready. If you are an NJEA member, please use your pin/password and/or email that we have in our membership database.
  • If there are 2 presenters, you must include them on your proposal before you submit.
  • There will be no changes in logistics (including A/V needs) or presenters related to your program after July 15, 2020.
  • If approved and scheduled to present, you will be sent an email confirmation which you will have to respond as per the directions. If we do not get a response by the deadline in the email, we will have to cancel the program.
  • Proposals cannot be reviewed until you hit the ‘SUBMIT’ button which is at the end. Until doing so, you can save the proposal as a draft and come back to it. Once submitted, changes cannot be made unless you email me directly at which time I can turn it back into draft and then you will have to hit the SUBMIT button again when you are done your changes.

Presenting on Digital Boulevard

The Professional Development and Instructional Issues division of NJEA is also accepting proposals for Digital Boulevard at the 2020 NJEA Convention. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how you use state-of-the-art technology to enhance classroom instruction.

NJEA members can apply to present in the Teacher to Teacher Learning Area. This is an informal demonstration area for educators to network with other educators. Programs are two 50-minute sessions.

Please contact Janet L. Royal at jroyal@njea.org or (609) 310-4322 with questions.