AMTNJ Regretfully Announces the Passing of Past-President Dr. Lina R. Walter

Dr. Lina R. Walter recently died at the age of 101.

Lina was a wife, mother and stepmother, grandmother, public school teacher, college professor, doctor of mathematics education, nationally known mathematics educator, and the 44th President of AMTNJ (1957—1958).

She was indeed an AMTNJ GIANT, as President Thomas Walsh would say speaking of Past Presidents and leaders of AMTNJ.

“She was a pioneer in New Jersey and nationally, mentoring generations of mathematics teachers and leaders in mathematics education. She was also AMTNJ’s longest surviving Past-President” said Dr. J. Michael Nuspl, AMTNJ Past President #66, 1979-1980, and current Historian.

Dr. Walter graduated form Ocean City HS at 16 and graduated from Trenton Teachers College in a time when women did not go to college, especially not for math and science. While teaching public school during the day and caring for two children, she completed a Doctorate in Mathematics Education at Columbia University. Later she taught and mentored generation of math teachers at Paterson State College. She loved singing hymns, the Phillies, travel and taking cruises.

Always smiling and such a lady, Lina often attended AMTNJ meetings.


AMTNJ extends sincere regrets to her family. Her death is a great loss.