December 8, 2016 Remembering Our Beloved Max Sobel

On December 8, 2016 at the AMTNJ Two-­Day conference, a month after his death, world-wide mathematics educator and author, AMTNJ Past-President and the first person the receive the AMTNJ Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership in Mathematics Education, now named in his honor, beloved Dr Max Sobel was honored. Max’s former students, Dr Evan Maletsky, a colleague and writing partner, and Max’s son Elliot related memories and personal stories of Max and his many contributions to mathematics education. Dr Kristie L. Prokop, then AMTNJ President, made a video. AMTNJ Historian, Past-President, 2016 Max Sobel Awardee, and author of Tiny Treasures in AMTNJ’s History Dr J. Michael Nuspl, and a team which included Deborah Fontana-­Legora and Dr Janice-­Lynn Shuhan have just completed the 27th Tiny Treasure about the December 2016 Tribute and Max.


This Tiny Teasure features:

  • on page A, an INTRODUCTION
  • on page B, Photos of the six presenters
  • on page C, Muriel Thatcher (former MSU student)
  • on page D, Stephanie Cooperman (former MSU student)
  • on page E, Dr Janice-Lynn Shuhan (former student)
  • on page F, Dr Evan Maletsky (former MSU colleague)
  • on page G, Dr Kristie L. Prokop (former MSU student)
  • on page H, Elliot Sobel (son of Max Sobel)

Tiny Treasures #27 and Tiny Treasure #26 (also about Max) are linked below and on the History Page.

27 December 8, 2016 Remembering Our Beloved Max Sobel.
Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E, Page F, Page G, Page H
26 Max A. Sobel – Teacher and Mathematics Leader for over 60 Years
Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E, Page F, Page G, Page H