Here’s the 2018 Precalc Conference Abstracts & Presenters

Maybe you know your going the 2018 Precalc Conference. Registered – yes. Sub – done. Lesson plans – done. Now you get to plan your day even before you get there. The Presenters and Session Abstracts is ready for you. This year AMTNJ has blogs matched to the conference strands. You get the password at the meeting, but, the list of blogs is ready also.

Maybe you just haven’t had a moment to even think about going. Registered – not yet. Sub – not yet. Lesson plans – yeah, there’s a set in the file.
Do you go or not? Check out the Presenters and Session Abstracts. Then you can make an informed decision. You know you want to go. Now know why. Forget what the day looks like? Check out the Precalc Program Page.

Here’s the entire program.

Here’s On Line Registration. Registration is Open Until March 9, 2018.