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We can’t fit it all in one day so, AMTNJ has a yearly Two-Day Meeting. This year it is on October 26th and 27th, at the National Conference Center, 399 Monmouth Street, East Windsor, NJ 08520.  The two themes are: “Growth Mindsets in Mathematics” and “Implementing the New NJ Mathematics Standards” and the programs are designed for teachers at many grade levels, math and teacher leaders, teachers/educators, specialists, math coaches, supervisors, school & district administrators, parents leading home study. The Two-Day is for anyone interested in being with a community of people interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics. It is to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and to keep abreast of current developments and teaching methods. We also have time for socialization for members and others attending the meeting.

Everything you need to know is below or at What’s the Two-Day All About?.

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Diane Briars Joseph Rosenstein Deidre Richardson Elizabeth Marquez