Old Friends and Sad News at the March 2018 Meeting

Ted E. Bear and Theodore Bear, Jr. and 103 other “important figures” were guests at the AMTNJ’s Board of Trustees Meeting in March 2018. To learn more read Mick’s newest Tiny Treasures including #30.

Mick also brought sad news. “Prof. William (Bill) Koellner, passed away on January 21st, 2018,” announced AMTNJ Historian Dr. J. Michael Nuspl, AMTNJ Past President #66, 1979-1980, and 2016 Max Sobel Awardee.

A husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, Bill was an outstand professor at Montclair State College, a WWII veteran, a post-retirement Julliard student, and a Tai Chi grand master. He was a one time high school teacher and later a hs math chair.

AMTNJ extends sincerest sympathy to his family.