President’s Message

Jelena Komitas, President, AMTNJ

President’s Message – January 1, 2020

From Challenges to Opportunities

Welcome to the year 2020! May this new year bring health, joy and happiness to you and your family. First, I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for providing me with a great opportunity to lead the organization in 2020. It is my honor and privilege to serve our Association and I will continue to devote my time and effort to ensure that AMTNJ continues to be beneficial and relevant for our members.

Our future success depends on science, technology and engineering, which cannot thrive without a solid mathematics foundation. However, ALL students must have the opportunity to learn mathematics in a meaningful way regardless of whether they pursue a career in STEM or not. A solid math education goes far beyond proficiency on tests. It fosters logical and critical thinking skills, perseverance when problem solving, and quantitative reasoning.  These crucial skills will improve our students’ ability to learn in any field they choose to pursue in the future. 

At the Max Sobel Annual Award Ceremony on October 25, 2019, this year’s recipient, Jay Schiffman, said, “We have many challenges in math education, but we have many opportunities.” This is what AMTNJ is all about, turning challenges into opportunities to learn, collaborate, and network; to grow professionally and enjoy mathematics with our colleagues; and to share the success of our students as well as our struggles. AMTNJ is committed to supporting math educators in New Jersey by providing a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year, by sharing research and ideas through our publications, and by encouraging our students to pursue careers in mathematics and related fields. You can attend a number of sessions on a variety of topics during our Two-Day and PreCalculus conferences. The Special Ed Math Conference will expand its focus and provide support to teachers who service English Language Learners in addition to our students with Individualized Education Plans. We also offer DIMACS workshops and Summer Institute opportunities where you can dive into a selected topic while spending the whole day with people who have similar interests. You can find the full list of our services and events on our website. 

I encourage you to join AMTNJ and to participate in our events. If you would like to volunteer for the organization, we have opportunities for you. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please share them with us. Get involved and help us transform challenges into opportunities for you and your students!


I am looking forward to a great year!


Members of the AMTNJ Executive Council 2020:

Mark Russo, President Elect,

Andrea Bean, First Vice President,

Janice-Lynn Shuhan, Second Vice President,

Stephanie Cooperman, Immediate Past President, 

Neil Cooperman, Co-Treasurer,

Roger Marchegiano, Co-Treasurer,

Judith T. Brendel, Recording Secretary,