There is still time to nominate your student who is a high school senior applying to a college with Math Education as their career goal, but you must be a CURRENT dues-paying member.

Joan Vas, AMTNJ Scholarship Chair, 83rd President, and 2007 Max Sobel Awardee, comments, “Each year AMTNJ provides scholarship money to high school students who wish to pursue a career in mathematics education. AMTNJ encourages members to sponsor a scholarship applicant. Scholarship applications are usually accepted from December through March and the committee makes its final decisions early in the spring. This year the deadline has been extended to April 10th. You still have time to complete the membership application and supply the require documents.”

Applicant Requirements.

  • Each applicant must have a current AMTNJ Member as his/her sponsor. Here’s a LINK TO BECOME A MEMBER and
  • Applicants must also be applying to a college with Math Education as their career goal.

To apply complete the application and follow instructions for submission.

Please note: AMTNJ Scholarships are supported by membership donations which are fully tax deductible.